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A set of steel exit doors

Reliable, impenetrable security doors

For controlling access through a pedestrian entrance, a steel hinged door is just what you need. We can manufacture and install single doors or steel door sets.

Tough and durable, steel doors are a great defence against unauthorised personnel, resisting forced entry.

Your steel doors can be fitted with normal locks for push access, or set up as automatic doors with a range of access options.

A fire alarm, with steel fire doors in the background

Fire doors and fire escapes

We’ll install tough steel doors that restrict the spread of fire through a property, giving your colleagues more time to safely evacuate the building. These doors can be linked to your fire alarm system, to close automatically in an emergency.

If there are few natural escape routes on your premises, we’ll fit fire escape doors to make it easier for your colleagues to leave the building safely. These can be on an automatic lock so that they’re not a security risk, opening only from the inside and only unlocking when a fire alarm is triggered.

For steel security doors that keep your property and personnel safe, call us today on 0121 327 7775

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